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Overseas Supply

Overseas Supply!! Trouble Solution!
Overseas Supply!!Q&A
Change from a domestic supply to an Overseas Supply
Most of our customer are Japanese-major maker mainly on the production sale of a household appliance and the information appliance.The tide of "the overseas production / overseas supply to shift domestic industrial goods to the foreign countries" accelerates in the companies year by year.However, some says that "It cannot but recruit you about the continuation industrial goods in the country (with a high cost) as ever in the country" even if I raise a part (metal plate / press things) about the product which transferred production abroad.
There are the reasons why we have to supply in domestic.

・The person who takes charge of materials is unaccustomed to foreign business.
・It can perform only yen business in the rule of the company.
・For the short appointed date of delivery, It cannot deal with the overseas factory.
・The product that ordering lot is not big is not popular in the overseas factory.
・Because it is made with domestic high technology, It cannot recruit from the foreign countries.
Do we have to supply the sheet metal product in domestic?
Overseas Supply Merit
It sends a sheet metal product out to the foreign countries
Please consider the way of outsourcing to make sheet metal product.
We have Japanese staff in overseas and thoroughgoing quality control so your company just instruct and check for the product.We sure to get your satisfaction for the quality,the process and the price.
Don't worry, we are a sheet metal company of 100% Japanese capital.It's clear the responsibility for the product.It certifies a material supply product of the overseas ordering / part supply product and sends it!
The consultation / inquiry about the overseas supply
The problems of an overflowing overseas  supply

・We cannot expect “a tacit understanding”.
The specifications which "anyone understands" which made tacit knowledge clear statement intellect are necessary.Difficulty of the English specifications making that I cannot make in simple translation.
・There is no problem with the trial product, but become bad with the mass production product.It's not deal with the defective product.
・It’s hard to take communication out of the difference of the history / national traits / the custom in a business transaction.
・The choice of the settlement money, a business amount of money change by exchange.
[The case of the certain Asia supplier]
1.The difference of the way of thinking for the product quality.If it is this degree, tolerance level is very wide.
2.Difficulty I "keep quality to uniformity", and to do on the appointed date of delivery.
3.The national traits that I do not apologize to with saying.
“Don’t buy parts from the foreign countries"! By the poor alteration of the part which we supplied from the "foreign countries, there is such a sigh from the spot.
By the overseas supply, it is the present conditions that the business currency choice, exchange sharing, laws and regulations have many problems different from the domestic trade.Furthermore, the demand quality (a standard) of the Japanese product is severer than the American UL standard, and the investigation that I did to a choice - contract of the supply ahead well is necessary by the overseas supply.We want to shift production to the foreign countries, but there are a lot of trouble.
We,ARKTECH will settled enrirely!!
It build the close teamwork with the arc technical center Philippines which are an overseas factory of we wholly-owned subsidiary and the country and the plant of the level, the know-how, the quality control system.
By the arc technical center Japan main office and the close cooperation system of the subsidiary arc technical center Philippines of the main office 100% financing, I realize little foreign business of the risk and solve the trouble of your company entirely!
[ The overseas supply that we offer is different in here!! ]
It carry out our domestic company ARKTECH Co.,Ltd. where the complicated import and export duties of material person in charge are unnecessaries entirely!
Our domestic company ARKTECH Co.,Ltd.becomes the window and I do not have any problem by having you contract with it and can perform yen business!
We,ARKTECH Co.,Ltd in domestic and ARKTECH PHILIPPINES, Inc.can settle the problem of the short appointed date of delivery and a high quality!
It clears the demand of a stern customers by the country and correspondence of overseas close teamwork!
Our domestic company, ARKTECH CO.,LTD. is equivalent to the malfunction of the emergency quickly!
Because four Japanese staff is resident, correspondence in the Japanese and the quality control system are perfect!
Impossibility and the ideal international material supply that I gave up can be realized!!
The consultation / inquiry about the overseas supply
[ About the overseas supply that we offer ]
   A Drawing / Specifications
   Making a three-dimensional Data
At first please provide it with a drawing (or, CAD data) / the specifications data (or, technical standard / inspection standard) of the product.The domestic person in charge will do the contents of the drawing and the meeting of the product specification.
In an emergency drawing of dimensions when fell out, and was unpleasant, and malfunction in the drawing figures was discovered, there cannot be the thing that just starts production.At first We give communication of the last confirmation to the person in charge in Japan.When a revision occurred for remote data (a drawing) in performing the revision that it began here in an overseas factory once from Japan, don't worry in what we do not have any problem, and can cope.
The two-dimensional drawing data are converted into three-dimensional data in a Philippine factory (a digital center), and a revision point in the drawing required is checked.
It make CAM data (an NC processing program), and It usually sent in the later processing process by a paper drawing offered by a visitor or two-dimensional CAD data.However, in us, It make three-dimensional CAD data and prevent the mistake of the joint at the time of the development and bend it and make the solid image for practice of the * simulation, processing information making to each processing process, an inspection image.
   The Digital Center
   Quality / Environmental Correspondence
In the Philippine "digital center", 3 dimensions of excellent national staffs of the engineering department university graduate perform a CAD design.By a minute meeting with the main office engineer by the telecon system, It make specifications making, a three-dimensional design, the drawing of the trial manufacture product for inspection, NC processing data. Overseas RoHS advancing to here, environmental correspondence! The environmental correspondence is perfect RoHS of the Philippine factory for the visitor of the Japanese-major company the most of the client.There is not the mixture of the article non-for RoHS.
It’s registered ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 from German TUV in 2006 that Philippine factory.
   A Material Supply
A Sheet Material The Painting / Plating
It import the metal boards used in the Philippine country from all over Korea / Europe / China / Japan and the world.
The metal materials to use in us use the import goods from the 100.0% Japanese-maker.It can get almost Sheet metals SPCC/SECC/SUS304/SUS430/AL etc.It can ordered from Japan, the pole sheet (less than 0.3 mm) and spring materials please contact us.
The most of our visitors is a Japanese-super major company state. Therefore, in an article number of the paint and the demand specifications of the paint maker, a lot of appointment of the Japanese-maker is put.The thing with many processes such as a pate charge account or masking is proud, too.
A Parts
Correspondence For RoHS
As for the parts such as a screw and a hinge, the stud bolt, the thing of the Japanese maker is the mainstream. In addition, there are much U.S.A. and European products and circulates. The maintenance of the regime of the product component chemical substance advances in the Philippines, and, by RoHS and the correspondence to the green supply, the Philippines go ahead from Japan.
Excellent Overseas Materials
It purchased the product of the Japanese-maker entirely and used the metal materials which I used in us so far.
However, It investigated the materials of the overseas metal maker to meet the request of the further reduction in cost from a customer.
It got possible to supply a Japanese product and stainless steel corner pipe materials without the inferiority.
   Sheet Metal Processing
In the production line, operation is possible for 24 hours. As for the worker, productivity, the quality together enough production system to have you satisfy are built by the many shifts system.
Press / A Die Mold
Turret Punch Press
As for the press process, processing to 150t (Aida Engineering, Ltd.) is possible.Also The die mold coordinates production / repair in the office.

In the overseas factory, three turret punches machine operates for 24 hours.
Because they introduce a thing same as a machine in the domestic main office factory, these machines guarantee Japan and the quality that do not change.Because this model is highly precise punch press made by Ritsu Ann, the reliability of the processing precision is distinguished, and it is the machine that it is very unusual abroad.
Bending Machine
Four bending machine made in Amada operates.It can use a die same as turret punch press like domestic main office factory.
Tap / Riveting
It prepare NC Tupper, automatic Tupper, reveting airplane according to a use.
The welding facilities which can support spot welding, Tig welding, a half automatic welding are filled up.
In the QC section, It carry out all articles inspection by an expert examiner.It push forward inspection education for the operator of each process except the QC personnel required to build the guarantee system in the process like the domestic main office factory.
バリ取り、仕上げは、デバリングマシン・バフ・各種サンダー・グラインダーで行っています。 洗浄・防錆処理、防錆包装・帯電防止包装も指定できます。
It perform the assemblies such as a screw stopper, a rivet, the adhesion, seal pasting, boxing / the packing.In addition, It make more highly precise things such as wiring work / assembling work or the clean room work and can go ahead through the preparations for system.
[ Export to Japan (other countries) ]
The transportation convenience has air (a plane) and a ship, but heavy goods and the big shot use surface mail basically.The surface mail departs at an end a week and It takes about 2 weeks and arrive at Japan.Entry, the schedule to delivery of goods are related from shipment on local holidays, but please regard "about 4 weeks" as an aim including customs.
We can send it in the case of the air in middle two days (as for less than 250kg, air is percent Yasushi). In addition, I hear the arrangement to Thailand or Vietnam.

[ Delivery to the Philippine country ]
About the Philippine domestic delivery, We delivers it by a truck service owned by us entirely.
The consultation / inquiry about the overseas supply
Don't you have a difference quality between planning in domestic for trial and mass production in overseas?
In comparison with the domestic product, there is uneasiness for quality control.
Does the merit of the overseas supply change by the number of the production?
Can you observe the overseas factory?
The correspondence when an objection occurred after the delivery by any chance?
Can I inform a directly Philippine factory in emergency?
I want you to use materials made in Japan, can you get it in the Philippines?
Can you divide an address into Japan after arrival?
It was it in the problem that the metal plate product which I supplied before from China was a trouble of the ransportation, and was great.
Does an overseas supply have a merit besides the inexpensiveness of personnel expenses? 
Q:Don't you have a difference quality between planning in domestic for trial and mass production in overseas?
A: The Philippines and a Japanese factory introduce the same plant in us. I perform the trial manufacture in the country without sentencing you to "a supply entirely overseas from the beginning", and, as for the mass production, the problem is solved by coping with foreign countries supply step by step.
Q:In comparison with the domestic product, there is uneasiness for quality control.
A: Because most are Japanese-major company, as for the visitor of our Philippine factory, quality and a management method are found strictly. We acquire ISO9001: 2000 and ISO14001: 2004 and think that you realize the country and equal quality.
Q:Does the merit of the overseas supply change by the number of the production?
A: Of course It changes. Because We cannot ignore a transportation cost when we are small amount, we recommend domestic production. However, it is changed the country trial manufacture that considered foreign countries supply beforehand anytime repeatedly by foreign countries supply if it is a product in prospect of production and the product which production amount will increase in the future by can advance.
Q:Can you observe the overseas factory?
A: Please visit an office by all means. It is observed the factory many visitors so far.
In the case of the person in the same profession, the company competing with the product of our visitor, please decline.

Q:The correspondence when an objection occurred after the delivery by any chance?
A: As for the correspondence of a delivered product to Japanese soil, arc technical center Co., Ltd. of our group company takes the guarantee system. Who is responsible is clear, and the correspondence that is quick in the emergency of the emergency is possible.
Q:Can I inform a directly Philippine factory in emergency?
A: Of course you can do it. The Japanese staff copes in Japanese.
TEL, FAX, an email, video conferencing in Japanese are OK.

Q:I want you to use materials made in Japan, can you get it in the Philippines?
A: The materials which are used a lot can usually obtain the product of the Japanese-maker. We can import the special materials from Japan. Paint, the part are similar, too.
Q:Can you divide an address into Japan after arrival?
A: It's possible. We have a similar delivery results so far, don't worry.
Q:It was it in the problem that the metal plate product which I supplied before from China was a trouble of the ransportation, and was great.
A: Don't worry. We pack it in a wooden box severely more after having packed it for export if it is necessary. It is similar in the case of the container.
Q:Does an overseas supply have a merit besides the inexpensiveness of personnel expenses?
A: Yes we have! One of the inside is the review of the material cost!
As for our visitor, all is almost a Japanese-major maker state. Therefore the product of the Japanese maker is used for materials and the part to use so far.There was a further reduction of product demand supplied abroad for Japanese soil and was able to go ahead through the review of metal materials recently. I am reclaiming the supply route of materials with the cost merit by quality without the inferiority in comparison with the Japanese product.Stainless steel corner pipes examine an adoption start partly, and a big cost merit is expected.
If there is other questions / consultation, please contact us freely!
The consultation / inquiry about the overseas supply
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