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The First Precise Sheet Metal Industry in Japan!
On November 1997, the Arktech Co., Ltd got the ISO9001 certification which is the international standard for Quality System from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Ltd.
The certification of small and medium size enterprise composed of 20 employees or more became very rare all over Japan. However, our company is the first precise sheet metal industry in Japan which became ISO9001 certified.
The manufacturing order of sheet metal processing industry is requested from our company through the demand of a wider product and quality by the customers who are in various topics.
The ISO9001 certification constructs the quality assurance system with recognition that it can get the trust and satisfaction of the customers by surely satisfying this demand and the advanced standardization.

“Establishment of management system by improvement of customer's sense of Security and reliance and ISO acquisition”

It works on the quality improvement, provide suitable product and service for the attesting enterprise, and customer's trust and satisfaction rating is improved furthermore.
Publishing article
Nikkei BP company
(Nikkei BPInc.)
Daily industry newspaper
「Press technology in March, 1998」
Mashinisuto publication
「Sheet metal & ファブリケーター in March, 1998」
ISO9001 and Measuring Instrument Management
The Arktech Co., Ltd. hang on the policy “Offer the customer’s trust and safety by continuous improving the inquiry to the quality and maintenance of quality management system.”, and promote the quality control operation to enumerate by all companies.
The attestation of ISO 9001 including the design and development was acquired as part of this activity in 1997.
Measuring Instrument Management
The Arktech Co., Ltd. offers the accuracy maintenance of the sheet metal products and guarantees the quality, so the measuring equipment management is very important.
To manage the measuring apparatus, the necessary standard calibration for the measuring instruments, calibrated apparatus, measuring environment and etc. are maintained.
Also, the standard for calibration, making procedures and etc. and calibrating are constructed to make the system smooth in our company.
Calibration of Measuring Apparatus and its Traceability
As the nations maintains or manage the standard, the established traceability for the measurement results of the measuring apparatus is demanded in ISO9001.
Our company has established the calibrating system for the measuring apparatus inside the company according to the demand of ISO9001 Quality Management System.
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