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Overseas Factory
We are looking for a designer of mechanical and electrical to join our ARKTECH PHILIPPINES,INC.

We are currently looking for a designer and engineer of Mechanical and electrical .This is a great opportunity to show your technical skill.We are waiting for an applicant not only a person who lives in the Philippines but also a person who wants to work in Philippines.
The application please click here!
 Please use our production base in foreign country,
 the ARKTECH Philippines, Inc.
After advancement, we are proposing the “One Creation” that makes the best use of the production advantage in foreign countries as a 100% overseas subsidiary company in the year 2002. Our characteristic is not only valuing the cost nor the system of the production but also the absence of the Japanese staffs is “cheap however uneasy”.With our main company in Japan, the intimate coordinated play, the production facility at the same level as in Japan, know-how, and the quality control systems are constructed.
 Triangle procurement.
It is able to supply it directly from the location factory, to the customer who is been advancing to China and Thailand, Vietnam with the coordination of Japan and Philippines factory,
 It is the independent own company factory of 100% investment.
It is a joint enterprise in “Common Sense in an Advance Countries” that tends to multiply but the trouble is never multiply to the customer consequently.
Moreover, the Japanese staffs can correspond to a report anytime.
 The factory in the Philippines has 24-hour operation.
It has maintaining 24-hour 3-shift system operation since August 2005.
 There has advanced production system reinforcement.
The number of men and the processing equipment (Punch Press, NC Tapper, Deburring Machine, and Spot Welding) are being increased.
In June, 2006 expansion of a/the Philippines factory!
I expanded the work floor space of the factory, to respond to suitability to the demand of the customer. Work environment where was cramped by equipment extension, became the layout that, is improved and became refreshed.
Also, even the office, meeting room are expanded and the margin born even the meeting with the customer.
 Main item of the Philippines factory.
【Precise sheet metal processing】
Trial production and small lot article be production with Turret punch press、Material procures Japanese production from location or Japan and be possible most of material corresponding to.Even the correspondence of the plating, coating there are not a problem.
Tig, Resistance spot, CO2 
Machine processing part other than the press processed goods、Dealing electricity part etc. directly with location a necessary part is procured it does the assembly and able to deliver it unit -ization.
【Press processing】
Model design,Metallic mold production,Press processing.Consistency production correspondence in own company.Experimental production/mass production processing to 150t possibility.
【Press metallic mold production】
Metallic mold production,Repair.
 I combine and acquire the management system!
 ISO9001 and ISO14001
I acquired simultaneous ISO9001, ISO14001 that are the management system of a quality and environment in November, 2006, although I went advance such an activity that acquires ISO9001: 2000 and also ISO14001: 2004 attestations in the Archtech Philippines, from TUV of the examination registrar of Germany.
In this way, it also approached the production organization of the same level the one step with a head office.
Very Reliable Equipments Equally with Japan!
The ARKTECH established the ARKTECH Philippines, Inc., a 100% subsidiary company in the Philippines. Established in 2003, it has a lot of orders for precise sheet metal parts, press work, metal molds, and the product assembly in local advanced Japanese companies and the foreign companies, and gets high evaluation for quality and reliability from a lot of customers.
Cooperation of Overseas Staff and Domestic Staff!
An overseas factory has the advantage in low labor cost, and it is a big advantage also that a top-class personnel are abundant in a high academic background Philippines. Though the cost is cheap as being heard, the problem in overseas development is that there is a remaining dissatisfaction in quality, delivery date, and customer correspondence.
The ARKTECH is aiming to contribute to the customers who transcend national borders by improving business cooperation and communications of a local staffs and domestic staffs.
Best Location!
The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) which is the recognized industrial estate located in Laguna, the south of Manila makes advance the ARKTECH Philippines, Inc.
The industrial estate can be accessed for almost 1 hour in the highway from Manila and have a special power generation facilities that supply a steady electric power.
▲The Industrial Estate
Training in Japan!
Constantly 4 or more trainees, are receiving the education training in long time.
Communication with them is English, Japanese and Tagalog.

Outline of ARKTECH Philippines, Inc.
June 30, 2003
Business Address
First Philippine IndustrialPark Sto.Tomas,Batangas, Philippines
Factory Building
Capital Investment
Business Activities
Precise sheet metal processing, press processing, press metallic mold, assembly, software development
Amount of capital investment
About one hundred million yen
The number of men
About 84 people
Web Site
(English Edition)
(Japanese Version)
 Direct communication dial to the Archtech Philippines.
【 From Japan to contact 】 
 FAX 010-63(43)-405-6138
【 From Philippines to contact 】
  TEL (043)405-6140〜6142   FAX (043)405-6138
 ※Business hours are 9:00〜18:00 in Japan time.
   The correspondence possibility in English and Japanese.
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