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After establishment, ARKTECH accomplishes big growth every day such as development of original system, ISO accreditation, and etc.
1963 (S38) Ryutaro Arakawa established it as a press processing industry in Oyama-shi.
1968 (S43) Arakawa Ltd. Co. is founded.
1974 (S49) The new establishment, Mibu Factory expanded its operations in Export Toy Factory Industrial Complex.
1976 (S51) The NC turret punch press is introduced in advance of the other companies and making the sheet metal processing in NC became the aim.
1983 (S58) The NC data program creation system was developed and sells it as a software package.
1984 (S59) The need of high accuracy and precise-ization are foreseen and a high precision NC turret punch press is introduced.
1986 (S61) Took the First Sheet Metal Proficiency Examination to attempt for technical improvements of employees. (1 person passed for Level 1 and 3 persons for Level 2 which is the first who acquired in the prefecture)
1986 (S61) The Mibu Factory enhances the expansion of facilities.
1986 (S61) The carbon dioxide laser processing machine is introduced.
1988 (S63) The organization is changed to Arakawa Factory Ltd.
1988 (S63) It is a selling start for the object made using the laser turret punch and CAD/CAM system.
1989 (H1) The name of the company is changed to Arktech Ltd.
1990 (H2) The introduction of FMS sheet metal processing and automation of punching processing.
1993 (H5) Ryutaro Arakawa is inaugurated as the chairman and Mitsuhiro Arakawa is inaugurated as a representative director.
1993 (H5) The capital is increased to 10 million yen.
1993 (H5) Begins the establishment of new building and warehouse.
1994 (H6) An office and warehouse building completion, and an automatic warehouse system are introduced.
1994 (H6) The operations for information network by personal computer LAN system.
1994 (H6) Start up the ISO 9000s acquisition promotion committee.
1995 (H7) Operation of Internal Development for Annual Output Management System.
1996 (H8) Inauguration of room for promoting ISO acquisition.
1996 (H8) Established the Internet homepage.
1997 (H9) ISO9001 kicking off declaration.
1997 (H9) In 1996 fiscal year, the office specification of the “Information-oriented Model Company Training Enterprise” of the state subsidy enterprise is received, the drawing administration became computerized and unitary management system is operated.
1997 (H9) Acquiring of ISO9001 Certification from British Lloyds Register.
1998 (H10) Receives authorization for Creation Activity Promoting Method.
1998 (H10) Automatic bending system is introduced to attempt for the automation of bend processing.
2001 (H13) Awarded with Commerce and Industry Association Management Quality Recognition Certificate.
2003 (H15) Move into Industrial Creation Plaza Research-and-Development Room.
2003 (H15) ARKTECH Philippines, Inc is established.
2004 (H16) Tochigi Prefecture frontier corporate attestation.
2005 (H17) Maintenance department / section
The institution of a techno service.
2006 (H18) The expantion of the ARK Philippine cactory.
2007 (H19) Certification as a management innovation enterprise in Tochigi Pref.
2008 (H20) Tochigi Prefecture frontier corporate attestation.
2008 (H20) Head office factory The 2nd factory completion.
2009 (H21) Arktech Philippines factory The move to FPIP.
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