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WEEE correspondence

1. About WEEE command and also RoHS command?

2. WEEE correspondence support

3. WEEE correspondence sheet metal case
WEEE command and also RoHS command.
Waste EIectrical and EIectronic Equipmentivdddj
Restriction of@the use of certain Hazardous@Substances in@electical and electronic equipmentiqgrj
It is the EU command that I issued on February 13, 2003.
There is binding force to the maker, sales person of the product who circulate in Europe.

@Electricity/electron devices
@EThe electricity/electron devices that belong to ANNEX JA.
@EWith the rating voltage that does not exceed interchange 1000V DC 1500V the electricity/electron devices that are used.

@Waste@EIectrical and EIectronic Equipment
@EScrapped material that was determined in 75/442/EEC Article 1.
@EThe component, assembly and also article of consumption that is a product and unit in the object: the discard point is included

@EE The person who, manufactures the electricity electron devices with the own company brand and sell.
@EThe electricity electron devices that were produced by other suppliers the person who sells it with the own company brand.
@EThe importation or person who export the electricity electron devices to, the member nation vocationally

WEEE command of EU
  • The Manufacturer collects, recycle the electricity electron devices and take responsibility.
  • It selects whether it cooperates with other enterprises with a joint form or I do the collection and processing of the product that I discard with the self funds.
  • The consumer is able to return the product that I discard for free.
  • The maker is obligated that pays security, before inputting the new product in the market.
  • This is because it secures the recycling cost funds of these products.
  • It must do the display that is able to distinguish the production day, maker easily.
  • As for the maker the preparation that dangerous compounding of medicines of place, component and material presents for details hazardous substance, to the processing institution, is necessary.
  • Regarding the product that was input in the market before command issuance the maker shares the recycling cost on the basis of the burden share system.
yThe WEEE command schedulez
February 13, 2003 Proclamation to the EU official gazette.
August 13, 2004@ Legislation -ization as every country law in the EU member nation.
August 13, 2005@ @@@@@@@@@@@ Collection, scrapped material processing system and finance system the indication from the member nation.
Maker does a designated mark with \ to the matching product and take the responsibility of discard.
December 31, 2006 Manufacturer be the achievement of the cut goal of collection, recycling.
December 31, 2008 Category 8
2jWEEE command clause

The above sentence

Article 1 (The purpose)
Article 2 (Range ANNEX J)
Article 3 (The definition)
Article 4 (The product design)
Article 5 (Discretion collection)
Article 6 (Processing ANNEX K, ANNEX L)
Article 7 (The playback)
Article 8 (The finance of general home WEEE)
Article 9 The finance of WEEE except for (a general home)
Article 10 (The information offer to the user)
Article 11 (The information offer to the processing institution)
Article 12 (Information and report)
Article 13 (The adaptation to science/technology progress)
Article 14 (The committee)
Article 15 (The penal code)
Article 16 (Execution)
Article 17 (The conversion to interior law)
Article 18 (Issuance)
Article 19 (The object)

@About separation processing@\WEEE command Article 6\

@ANNEX K separation processing object 1
  • Conformance to command 96/59/EC which is related in the right before the PCB and the like, PCT the condenser including polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)
  • The component (the lamp and the like) including mercury.
  • Battery and the like.
  • Print foundation of other mobile phone devices. (the surface area 10 or more square cm)
  • Toner, cartridge. (the powder/liquid)
  • Bromine system difficult R medicine including plastic.
  • Asbestos scrapped material and also asbestos containment thing.
@ANNEX K separation processing object 2
  • Cathode-ray tube.
  • Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)@qhchlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)@qhchlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)@qh fluorocarbon (HFC) Theqh carbon (HC)
  • Gas discharge lamp.
  • Liquid crystal display. (The surface area to 100 or more square cm and also backlight gas discharge lamp use)
    Ethe outside electric wire.
  • Component including fireproof nature ceramic fiber. (command 97/69)
  • Component including the radioactive substance.
  • Electrolysis condenser (H25mm diameter 25 mm or more)
@ Application exclusion listing
  • In the case that they are not able to alternate special bromine difficult medicine PBB, PBDE be exclusion.
  • There is (the prescription of quantity the mercury in the fluorescent light, electric discharge style electric bulb).
  • Lead of the glass of the cathode rays pipe (the cathode-ray tube), electric bulbs, fluorescent light pipes.
  • Lead in the electron ceramic part.
  • Lead in a high fusion point solder.
    Solder for the server and memory. (2010 until)
    Solder that is spent on the special appliance of the network devices, distant communication fields.
  • Six value chromium etc. as for the rust of the carbon steel cooling system of an/the absorption style refrigerator.
@About playback@\WEEE command Article 7\
  • Prevention
  • Treatment@@Recovery@@Re-Use
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @Recycling
    @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@Energy@Recovery
    @ @@@@@@@@@@Disposal
@Information to the user@\WEEE command Article 10\
@Responsibility of the maker
  • Display of the ANNEX K mark to the electricity electron devices.
    (It the display to packing, operation manual, written guarantee exceptionally)
  • Stipulation of the maker.
  • Object of the display of a dangerous toxic substance.
@Information to the processing institution
WEEE command Article 11\
@The maker must offer the information needed for the processing institution, within 1 year from the top city.
  • Hazardous substance that is included to the electricity electron devices.
  • Position of the dangerous compounding of medicines where it is included to the electricity electron devices.
  • Component and material of the electricity electron devices .
3jThe object product (the devices category)
1 : A large home appliance.
(A refrigerator/washing machines/microwave oven tableware wash machine etc.)
2 : The small size home appliance.
(A vacuum cleaner/iron toaster clock etc.)
3 : IT and also distant communication devices.
(Other products or device that transmit the voice, images or other information by the communication such as the mainframe personal computer mini computer copying machines/printer)
4 : The devices for the livelihood of the nation.
(Signal or technology for the distribution of the voice and also image other than the intended devices, communications that record or regenerate the radio, televisions, videos, video cameras, audio etc. voice, images are included)
5 : The lighting devices.
(A fluorescent light/halogen lamp high pressure sodium-vapor lamp etc.)
6 : Electromotion G
(Drill lathe/milling machine/I cut the disk/saw/sewing machine turf that I grind and machine etc.)
7 : The toy.
(Leisure and also sports devices: the train, arcade game etc.)
8 :

The devices system for medical treatment.
(The radiation medical appliances/electrocardiogram measuring device/dialysis devices etc.)

9 : Surveillance and also control appliance.
(Total surveying instrument/smoke detection machine/thermostat etc.)
10 : The automatic vending machine.
(Automatic vending machine etc. for hot drink automatic sales devices/bottle cans)
4jObject country: The EU member nation

There is the country where the extension of the achievement term (the playback rate, reusing rate, recycling) of part, is admitted.
Greece Ireland Cyprus Czecho Estonia
Hungary Latvia Lithuania Malta Poland
Slovakia (24 months for) Slovenia (12 months for)

  • It construct the system mechanism that takes and establish the place and take for free from the final owner and also dealer.
  • Dealer takes the electricity electron devices of the same kind for free on 1 basis 1 pair at the time of new product sales.
  • At the latest December 31, 2006 by, the resident to every 4 kg/person/year in it discerns and collects it.
    (The burden of the cost)
    It take and the maker shares the cost of the WEEE collection, processing, reusing and also proper disposal from the place. The cost can include it to a subjective price.
    Already it collects it at the time of new product sales, about the product that was sold in the market.
  • Joint the producer of the system who is able to process WEEE by using most advanced playback recycling technology or individually construction.
7jCost burden
  • The producer shares the cost of the collection processing, playback, disposal of WEEE from the home that were put in the collection position at least. (All from the home to collection positions or-the plan as the demand passable was rejected the department cost burden by the producer)
  • The cost burden of the product before the command effectuation: the producer is joint according to the market share in terms of a machine type and share.
8j Indication of the collection playback recycling disposal cost
  • Ten years you may indicate collection, processing, the disposal cost to the new product as a limit, from command effectuation.
9jMeasure of no charge ride prevention
  • It establish the security and marking system of the producer at the time of the top city.
10jPlayback rate
  • It decide the playback rate and recycling rate every the category.
    (Playback rate includes heat collection)
    Playback rate 80`90% a/the recycling rate 50`75%
RoHS command of EU
  • Object merchandise of WEEE.
    EEE (the electrical machinery electron devices) other than the medical appliances (category 8), measurement/control devices (category 9)
2jRoHS command clause

The above sentence.

Article 1 (The purpose)
Article 2 (The range)
Article 3 (The definition)
Article 4 (Prevention)
Article 5 (The adaptation to science/technology progress)
Article 6 (Review)
Article 7 (The committee)
Article 8 (The penal code)
Article 9 (The conversion to interior law)
Article 10 (Issuance)
Article 11 (Address)

@Application range@\RoHS command Article 2\

  • The lighting appliance for the electricity electron devices, electric bulbs, homes of) that eliminate it (7 and 8 category 1`10 that I raise to ANNEX JA of WEEE command.
@Use prohibition and time of a special substance
New EEE (the electricity electron devices) that are input in the market from July 1, 2006, do not use the following.
  • Lead, mercury, cadmium, 6 value chromium, PBB, PBDE.
  • It is from July 1, 2006.
  • It does not apply to the spare parts of the product that were done to before the top city on July 1, 2006.
@ANNEX@\RoHS command Article 4\

@The usage of the lead, mercury, cadmium, 6 value chromium that the demand item of Article 4 (1) is excluded.
  • Mercury that does not exceed 5 r to every (1 book a/the small size fluorescent light lamp)
  • Lead as the alloy material.
    (The 4wt%, high fusion point solder, electron ceramic part of the 0.4wt%, copper material of the 0.35wt%, aluminum material of steel)
  • Exclusion listing in re-examination.
    The lead that is included to the lead, electric bulb that are included to the communication devices such as fJ bromination rtFj[, straight line style fluorescent lights, server storage telephone switchboards.
  • Addition examination listing of exclusion.
    Lead that is included to the connector system of VHDM.
    The lead that is included to the coating material of the thermal conduction module, the Cring.
    The lead and cadmium of the optic, filter glass.
    The lead of the optic transceiver.
    The lead of the low fusion point solder that microprocessor is used in the connection department of the package tightly.
    The lead that is included to the low fusion point solder that combines for, high fusion point solder and electricity connection and be used.
    It is in the case that it is used to the fire fighting safety device.
    The lead of the bearing shell and also Bush made of bronze.
3jRoHS command schedule
(The RoHS command schedule)
February 13, 2003 Proclamation to the EU official gazette.
August 13, 2004 Legislation -ization as every country law in the EU member nation.
February 13, 2005 Category 8,9 the clarification of the application range.
July 1, 2006 Toxic substance regulation effectuation designated toxic substance principle use prohibition.
4jRoHS command@Item of unsettlement
  • The application range to the devices (the professional youth) for industry.
  • It is (measurement law law wa) the measurement law law that determines the uncontainment, containment of a special toxic substance.
WEEE correspondence support of our company.
Such that it is able to cut such a cost that our company offers and correspond to these regulations in the precise sheet metal part of electricity electron machine skill, as much as possible I propose the structure that is possible the product dissolution at the time of EEE discard easily.
As for you have already the measure of WEEE & RoHS command ended?

WEEE & RoHS command to foresight!

Itfs will not to sell the product including the toxic substance that RoHS command is implemented with Europe (an/the EU15 piece country) from, July, 2006 finally and exceed the regulation value.
Also, in the case that it does the top city in after on August 13, 2005 by WEEE command the burden of the EEE collection cost the maker is obligated.Therefore, be not good enough, if it does not start concrete correspondence than from this time of now it becomes.

The WEEE command measure tends to be delayed even in the major enterprise, although the measure of RoHS command seems to be going ahead as it is.Those components/substances it is effective how, whether it is able to process and discern quickly in the discard of inclusion, EEE, even the green procurement that is represented to ELV (the rejection automobile) the command that was implemented previously becomes important.

When I discard EEE as for the cost burden to a/the processing institution, recycling institution the maker must share it.
Substance each for separation discretion of which composes the product in the mechanism of such a WEEE, it does and become the recycling cost reduction of WEEE that divination! pays out to the processing merchant and influence directly the product price.

The screw, rivet, glue that are used to the conclusion of the part in the product by an easy design, until now have made the discretion cost of high remarkably.As a result, inviting the rise of the product price I have invited the decline in competitiveness inside the EU area.

Are WEEE & RoHS only product case for EU?

By the way, there is the one who WEEE & RoHS command are recognizing as only product case for Europe.
However, there is not the guarantee that the product of your company continues to stay at the area where was exported, in the business society that unfolds globally.
Even the case called the likes that the top city Japan or Asia market in was done, that the product is not few possibility that be brought into the EU area and do not think the top city inside an/the EU area to the sales strategy of the new product is and do I obtain it?
Also, turn the specification product for EU other markets, to avoid the regulation of EU and, even the case called the likes that I develop particularly is not realistic at all.
The one who thought that I receive the influence to this EU command without fail, except for the product that is used only with Japan inside substantially is a correct answer.

It is large the influence!
Electricity product exportation for EU of China.

By the way, there is the share of the electricity electron devices made in China in the EU market, there is not a mistake that WEEE & RoHS command in this time, exert a serious influence on the electricity product exportation of China a very high thing.

The product that receives the influence of the regulations in the electricity electron devices products to EU over fifty billion $ that is exported from China, in the prediction of the specialist is said to be ten billion or more $.
The influence is fairly serious a low price, for the exportation electricity electron devices of China that have continued the exportation offensive to the weapon.
It might be assumed that great time and cost become needed and lose competitive power with the expansion of evacuation or, product cost from the EU market as, to prepare the development and alternate article of the new product that do the regulation the clear.

Measure of China.

China is proceeding with the active negotiation of the market order with EU by the WTO agreement.
She seems to be hurrying correspondence, to do the regulation that EU is related to the environmental conservation that requests the clear.
One of them, is the law upgrading such as clean production promotion law, individual scrapped material environment antipollution measure law, electron information product contamination prevention control law.
By exerting power to the treatment of the cut of the contamination by active correspondence and, WEEE product discard to EU I am planning the exportation expansion of the electricity electron product that becomes more.

WEEE correspondence sheet metal case.
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