Production of jig for lining up jig / transportation made by stainless steel! A washing basket, an ultrasonic cleaning basket, a sterilization basket etc..
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Washing basket
Heat-treatment basket
Sterilization jig
Stainless steel

Heat-treatment basket
We correspond to the heat treatment trouble!
Trouble of heat treatment
The biggest trouble of the heat treatment basket is the Transformation transformation after use.
The faulty that does not think, that I mistake the design and use method of the form occurs.
Distortion and Warp occurring when heat treatment is repeated, no matter how I make it stoutly I sometimes fall into the situation that We must discard, with several times of use.

We produce a stronger heat-treatment basket by the shape design that they are hard to transform!
The limit has the materials which we handle by processing temperature for stainless steel mainly. At first please talk.
As for the transformation of the heat treatment basket only heat is not a cause! We have many know-how and please consult by all means with our company!
*Stainless steel
(SUS430,SUS304,SUS310,SUS316 etc...)
*Heat-treatment tray
*Heat-treatment palette
*Heat-treatment lining up jig
*Heat-treatment transportation jig  *Heat-treatment jig
*Heat-treatment basket  *Annealing jig  *Cementation jig
*Dry jig *Heat-resistant basket *Brazing jig

---We can produce special order size, special specifications, step heaping up to a request.---
【Product case】
Column type heat-treatment basket Column type heat-treatment basket
【Column type heat-treatment basket 】

Heat-treatment temperature: To about 650 degrees Celsius.To about 10kg in weight.This is a stainless steel basket for てtempering and shrinkage fit.

Size: φ190×200 (mm)
Material:SUS304 t1.5 Punching processing.
Heat-treatment basket
Heat-treatment basket
【Heat-treatment basket】
It excels in heatproof, and heat-treatment basket that works and is good.
(Fat putting type)
It is a basket for heatproof that excels in heatproof nature and the distortion be difficult to come out even at the time of the high temperature.
(It’s possible to use nickel material too.)
Size: 310×230×45 (mm)
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