@Production of jig for lining up jig / transportation made by stainless steel! A washing basket, an ultrasonic cleaning basket, a sterilization basket etc..
@ @Sheet metal@@Jig/Washing basket@@Techno service@@Online shop@@
Jig/Washing basket
Line jig/palette
Washing basket
Heat-treatment basket
Sterilization jig
Stainless steel

Sterilization jig
The medical treatment checkpoint relation business such as a/the sterilization/cleaning business sterilization substitution service spreads .
It is used on the occasion of the sterilization processing of the appliance for used medical treatment for, company etc. of "the central material room" "the sterilization substitution service" "the medical service" and "the sterilization center" of medical treatment relation in, our company and be offering the basket and tray, bat, washing basket etc. made of the stainless steel for the high pressure steam sterilization device.
Do you have complain about basketand in use basket?
@ (A maker pure article)

Let's change it to a pure basketspecial order correspondence article! We produce the alternate article of the basket and basket of the errand now!

Please let us know the washing article the passable) if it exists (the photograph the price (the purchase quantity), measure, form that purchased the maker name, model No.
We correspondence that ontents of hope (Wanting to make and change want to the hope unit price, such a form measure designate the thickness, metal fittings etc. of the stitch and wire freely)

EIt is used for the sterilization of the appliance for the medical treatment, treatment within the hospital .(The basket made of stainless steel) (the washing basket)
EFor a full automatic supersonic waves washing device. (The basket with the cover) (the washing basket)
ETray and bat made of the stainless steel that use it with the sterilization business.
(Scissors and pincette, forceps, injection pipe, nose mirror and needle, school medical examination for apparatus of tooth mirror and ear mirror etc. for)
ESystem rack made of the stainless steel truck and stainless steel for the high pressure steam sterilization device.(Rack of steel plating rust occurs)
EWork unit made of stainless steel.
EThe mesh rack (the wagon truck) made of stainless steel.
EMesh shelf made of stainless steel.
EStudy room article.
@kWater Bottle Basketl,kSurgery Tablel,kFeederl,
@kCage Card Holderl
High-class stainless steel (SUS304) production
It is not the vulgar article of plating finish to steel!

Finish about Surface
Finished by electrolytic grinding.

Special order correspondence
We produce it with a special order in accordance with the size specification of the products in use!

Higher function than a pure article
We are able to send the quality of the accessories and as of the devices maker purity in the use, that are equal at a low price!

We do the reconstruction and repair such as the stainless steel truck and system rack for the high pressure steam sterilization device!

The repair (Basket/ Shelf/ Wagon)
The injury of the hand finger in the net and wire that broke produce a big problem!
We help with systematization of management about medical expendable supplies and the use.
I improve waste and loss of the work and make the most effective washing & sterilization system.
@Work contents of the central materials room
I collect the waste equipment parts of each post and wash it.
They do assembling and packing and sterilization and supply, safekeeping management afterwards.
In addition, they think about prevention of use and retrenchment and infection of medical materials.They carry a waste machine set of the central operation department to the materials part and perform processes from washing to sterilization.
@Waste equipment parts have been sent from operation room and each post to central materials room.
AThe central materials room compiles them and makes washing (an ultrasonic cleaning airplane) and sterilization (an autoclave).
BThey send back the equipment parts which sterilized washing & to each post.
Trouble of the assortment is difficult!We are anxious about a mistake and defectiveness!

1. We give a medical scene work promotion of efficiency!

2. We suggest the remedy of the washing sterilization duties of medical equipment parts.

We do the careful correspondence that cannot be settled in the washing sterilization machinery maker.

--- Sterilization duties improvement plan of the central materials room ---
A) Sterilization and a distribution function of a medical appliance, duties improvement of an operating room support function.

B) I improve primary washing and transportation to central materials room that the male nurse of each ward performed.

C) The production of a washing & sterilization basket supporting the sterilization guarantee of the medical appliance.
Rationalization of the appliance washing between operation room and the central materials room!
sample1 sample2
[ The sample of the sterilization washing basket of the central materials room ]
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