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Company photograph
Office entrance
The 1st factory
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The 2st factory
Trade name ARKTECH Co., Ltd. from January 1989
Location The main office and Factory
321-0202@JAPAN Tochigi Pref. Shimotsuga-gun Mibu-machi Omocha no machi 4-11-16
TEL.0282-86-0276 @FAX.0282-86-0365

Factory in Oyama
JAPAN Tochigi Pref. Oyama-shi Mamada 931

Lot-6B,PHASE-1A@First Philippine IndustrialPark Sto.Tomas,Batangas, Philippines
Establish May, 1968
Capital 10 million yen.
Representative director Mitsuhiro Arakawa
The number of employees Thirty-one people ( Male 22 people, Woman 9 people )
Factory Facilities [Lot]
Factory in main officeF 4950u
Factory in OyamaF 660u
In PhilippineF 5883u
Factory and main officeF 1818u
Factory in OyamaF 450u
In PhilippineF 3153u
Product Processing Process products for railway signal security device, automatic ticket bending machine, automatic ticket inspection machine, office equipment, computer equipment, optical apparatus, Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), precise sheet metal processing parts such as semiconductor manufacturing equipments, various press works (metal mold), assembling, and various surface treatments.
Techno Service Production equipment design, remodeling, transfer and other constructions, and business proposal for manufacturing improvements.
Main customer Japan signal company
Kyousan electric machine company
Koga battery company
Canon company
Matsushita Electrical engineering company
Toshiba fucyuh factory
Sano fuji optical machine company
East stand communication industry company
Komatsu company
Giga photon company
Morita Tokyo production place company
(In random order)
Bank Correspondent Ashikaga bank in Omocyanomati branch office.
Tochigi bank in Omocyanomati branch office.
Commerce and industry association central safe Oshiage branch office.
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