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Stainless Door plate
Please try our professionally made goriginalh metalwork!

Door plate typeF
Standard type

yStandard typez

iPossible Length and Widthj
Frame type

yFrame typez

iPossible Length and Widthj
Design type

yDesign typez

iWidth Onlyj
Upon Mail Order
25%OFF from standard price.
This is your chance now!
For new door plate and door plate reform!
Production case!
Please consult us if you want it with special characters, gold plated, picture frame, and etc.


Made of stainless steels (SUS304), strong, and free of rusts!

SUS304 is the most general and with reliability stainless steel which is high in corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and strength.

The thickness of the material is 3mm or more.
(The commercial goods are commonly 3 times over.)

Our company manufactures and sells it.
You can be surely satisfied and feel the overflowing of luxuries in a solid character.@@
Our company sticks to a stainless shine and feeling of luxuries and delivers a certain products made by our metalworking professionals.

Normal sizeF
Thickness of character
Size of Base
yStandard specificationz
Size of plinthEEE 200mm~80mm~3mm
@iFor the frame typeEEEBoard thickness 2mm, Frame part 4mmj
Font sizeEEE70mm~70mm~4mm
yNumber of charactersz
Chinese characterEEEFrom 1character to 3 characters is possible.
Roman alphabetEEEFrom 1 character to 6 characters is possible
Font size
We can receive consultations for special specifications.

Door plate optionF
We can produce all sorts of variations upon requests.
yExample of optionsz
option No.2
option No.1
option No.4
option No.3
ySpecial Specification Examplesz
yGold-plated processedz
You will see the larger view of the image upon clicking.

Installation methodF

@The wall is punctured first by using drill and the like before installing it with bolt.

AThe adhesive is injected into the doorplate, the wall, and the hole.

BThe installation is finished upon applying pressure on the door plate to the wall side.
(Note)@ Our company product does not recommend installing by adhesive due to a fear of falling it. Moreover, please use epoxy adhesives or the equivalent strong type for adhering.
Please consult upon order if worried about the installation methods for the type of wall.

Sample of Writing StyleF
Please choose below.
(When ordering, the order becomes the figure and the alphabet.)
yJapanese Writing Stylez
Japanese style of type
yEnglish Writing Stylez
English style of type
Please acknowledge that the actual character shape in the connection part of the character is somewhat being likely to change because of production.

Please order after referring well on the writing style samples.
yAttentionzBefore ordering, please understand that the order will be manufactured through the consent of the customer, and returning is not possible if there is a like to change the style of writing after we produced it.
Production case!

How to buyF
yPurchasing Flowz
@Send Quotation
AApplication Completion Reply
BConfirmation of Order Contents
DDeliver Product
EProduct Arrival/Payment
@Fill-up the quotation form, input the contents, and then send it.
AWe will send email confirming the quotation after receiving it.
BThe order will be confirmed through email for formality so please refer to the completed image (illustration).
CPlease click the Order button at the end of the mail if the sent contents have no problem. The order confirmation completes.
DOur production period for the product is basically within 3 weeks.
We will contact as soon as the delivery becomes available. Please contact us if the product is still not arriving after 1 week.
EPlease give the payment to the delivery personnel upon product arrival.

Method of Order @ EOrder Online Order!
EOrder by TELTEL : 0282-86-0276
EOrder by faxFAX : 0282-86-0365 0282-86-0365
iBusiness hours AM 8:00`PM 5:00j
Please contact here for more details.

Method of Payment About delivery charge!
EThe cash-on-delivery charge is shouldered by the customer.
EPlease confirm to the table below for the appropriate service charges.
ycash-on-delivery charge tablez
Amount of collecting money Service charge
10,000 yen`30,000 yen 420 yen
30,000 yen`100,000 yen 630 yen
100,000 yen`300,000 yen 1,050 yen

Delivery E carriage EThe product will be arrived about 3 weeks upon order.
EThe delivery charge is shouldered by the customer.
EPlease acknowledge that delivery outside the country is not possible.
Please confirm the delivery charge by referring to the charge table because
it is different depending on the region.
Moreover, the time zone delivery can also be specified.@
@(Yamato Transport)

Return of Goods As defined the product characteristics (produce as ordered), returning or exchanging of product due to the style of writing changes at customerfs convenience and the like is not possible!
Please return or exchange the product with the delivery charge if it is reasonable to our company such as product NG and stain on delivery. (Please contact in advance by mail within 1 week upon arrival of the product.)


Our company is strictly managing the personal information such as mail addresses of our customers we obtained due to the purchase of our product. We do not use it other than contacting our customers. You can use it safely.

Business days EThe company is close on Sunday and holidays.
EPlease refer to the following calendar for more details about our business days.
EAlthough we can receive order even the company is close, please take note that the reply (confirmation mail) from our company will be processed the next working day.

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