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Techno Service Product Achievement
The achievement of the techno service business we introduce a part!
We are consistently able to do it from production etc., designs to installation of the production and jig of an automatic machine. Please entrust the automation inside the factory!
Device Name
Device Image
October, 2008
Machine with the plate set  
September, 2008
Automobile maker,
Connection work of the metal machine (FANUC NC) and device.
March, 2008
NC lathe connection automation line
Oil pressure cylinder exchange,
Packing exchange
February, 2008
Washing machine tank unit device
January, 2008
Input conveyor
December, 2007
Mobile rate total device  
November, 2007
Press automatic box exchange device
September, 2007
NC lathe connection automation line  
July, 2007
Device with a spring automatic set
May, 2007
Conveyance device
February, 2007
Laser device automation line  
December, 2006
Work spatter removal automatic machine
May, 2006
Machine with the filter set
February, 2006
Lineup machine  
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